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Birthday GRRRL!

It was my birthday yesterday! I’m currently spending it with my family back home, but that didn’t mean I didn’t dress for the occasion! IMG_5888.JPG

My points of inspiration were the pink sparkly heart emoji, (my favorite one) Sailor Moon Girl Gang AUs, Lisa’s main outfit in Black Pink’s music video, Boombayah and Charli XCX’s album Sucker. The result is the outfit I’d wear if I were in my very own Magical Girl Gang! (magical baseball bat not shown)

I really really love my Baby GRRRL tee shirt! It’s from my favorite Etsy store, HellYeahSweetNSour. The saying is a play on the famous Riot GRRRL movement, which was an awesome feminist movement in the 90s’! With my shirt, I’m wearing a pink plaid skirt from Storenvy, that sits a little too low on my waist, but sometimes I pin it so it will sit higher up so it sits on the smallest part of my waist. I’m also wearing a new pair of fishnets my friend Leah gifted me for my birthday, and a pair of white stockings. I finished the look off with my pale pink choker, and my favorite feminist vest!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.35.59 PM.png
The back of my vest

When I put on this outfit, I felt like I should be singing Charli XCX’s Breaking Up or Don’t Need U by Bikini Kill! It’s so fun, and pink, but also subversive! I had such fun twirling around in this outfit, it really confirms my belief that a cute outfit enhances every/any event!


Laurel Hope


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