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It’s an Attitude, Not a Price Point

When Moschino announced their newest collection, and said it would be inspired by garbage, I was very hesitant, because I remembered John Galliano (your resident terrible person) did a collection where he was inspired by the homeless people he saw in Paris. It included people in big coats, and ripped up tee shirts, even one was carrying around a shopping cart. So I was very scared when waiting to see what Jeremy Scott cooked up for his capsule collection. (Also, it was released on my birthday and I dO NOT want to be disappointed by my favorite brand on the day I turn 20)

But I was pleasantly surprised. In Jeremy Scott, The People’s Designer, Jeremy talks about the amount of waste in the world, and how we are so ready to throw things out, and how you can take something mundane and overlooked and make it beautiful. That’s what he did here, and I loved it!

The first set of looks were inspired by cardboard bags and boxes and bubblewrap. I love the classic ladylike cuts, and the use of more reflective materials to look like packaging tape. I also loved the sunglasses that looked like cardboard as well.

The next set of looks reminded me of old fashion magazines and editorials. It’s like the pieces were repurposed from old Moschino advertisements, to make a whole new look. While I don’t think I’d be wearing any of these pieces any time soon, I do think this is a really interesting statement on how some things are “last season” and rejected without delay. This section also reminds me of one of the original Moschino pieces, like the Chanel inspired jacket that had “Waist of Money” printed on the waist.

The last looks were the more formal wear looks, that were a more literal in the use of trash or waste in high fashion. I loved the patchwork fur coat, the hatbox hat, and the drapery dress the most. I think one of my favorite things that I would get from this set of looks are the trash can handbag, the  and the “Trash Chic” tee shirt dress. They’re so ridiculous, but just subtle enough to make people look twice.


Jeremy ended the show sporting the newest tagline tee shirt, with the saying “COUTURE IS AN ATTITUDE NOT A PRICE POINT” on the front and back.

I feel like this collection was very close to Jeremy Scott, he was homeless when he lived in Paris trying to get an internship, and he is constantly talking about waste, and reusing things to make something new and beautiful, and taking things that are overlooked and hyping them up. I think when knowing who he is as a designer, this collection seems much less frivolous and more of a statement.

Photos belong to Vogue


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