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Birthday Cake

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 2.17.05 PM.png

I think Decoration Dream by Angelic Pretty has become a new favorite print of mine. I love coordinating it outside of lolita, far more than in it. My look was inspired by Frenchie from The Pink Ladies, and Melanie Martinez’s Pity Party video!

With my JSK, I’m wearing my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright headbow, it’s so delicate and princess-y, I think it works well with this whole birthday cake theme, I’m also wearing a PVC jacket from Missguided, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright socks, and my favorite Vans! I didn’t use a pair of lolita shoes, because I wanted to keep this look slightly scrappy and casual. (maybe one day I’ll add some cute bandaids or something like that!)

I wore this coord out to tea with my family at Ladurée in SoHo with my family, it was really nice outside, so I’m really happy I could wear a full petticoat out once again! The swishing movements always make me so happy!! I feel so special in this dress, it’s such a fun and happy pattern, and the style and cut reminds me of things I wished I could wear as a kid, so there’s a bit of a nostalgia to it. The more I coordinate this dress, the more I love it. So this definately isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of it!


Laurel Hope


One thought on “Birthday Cake

  1. So adorable, I like the idea of trying lolita casually outside of the fashion, makes you feel like you really own it, like it’s yours and you feel confortable enough to experiment a little with it. I haven’t worn lolita in a while, I’m hoping to have a nice photoshoot soon with a new dress that’s coming in the mail in a couple of weeks. True, the puffines of the petti is so fun to wear! Some dresses definetly make you feel special. ❤

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