Hey there! It’s so cool you wanna hear a little bit more about me and this blog! Here are some basic (and not so basic) things for you to know:
I look like that picture on the right → →
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.51.09 PM.png
Name: Laurel Hope
Birthday: 02/23
Pronouns: She, Her
Starsign: Pisces
Favorite Color: Pink! (or black, depending on the day)
Likes: Feminism, Marina and the Diamonds, food,  Harajuku street fashion (especially lolita), cute things, aesthetics, Harry Potter, cartoons, comics, noodles, Mark Redito, free wifi, dogs, high fashion, (especially Moschino and Elie Saab), ramen, Studio Ghibli my natural hair, Sailor Moon, and loads of other things.

Alright, I’m done with categories. Hi! My name’s Laurel, I’m bold, loud, and usually very animated. (Just think of me as a living cartoon.) Right now I live and attend college in New York! Which is pretty awesome, seeing that I’ve wanted to do that since I was a kid. My big dream is to run my own fashion house! If you wanna know more, just ask!

On this blog, I talk mostly about fashion, style, things of that nature, but with other things as well. (From music, to food, to places I like to go!) I called this blog Pink And Black because those are my two favorite colors, and with them, I have two separate ideals, aesthetics, and tastes. (I think everyone has something like that…) So, I created this blog so I wouldn’t have to choose between talking about “pink things”, or “black things”. I hope you’ll read some of the stuff I post, and I hope you can identify and agree with some of the things I say!

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