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Bio Queens In the Drag Community

Drag has become extremely popular due to shows like Rupaul’s Drag Race, and now people are starting to realize the beauty and artistry of drag culture. One thing that has sparked a lot of controversy, is the practice of cisgendered women practicing drag. Named bio queens, or faux queens, these girls wear the outrageous drag… Continue reading Bio Queens In the Drag Community

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Lolita Fashion VS “Sexy Baby”

I feel like I don’t write a lot of feminist posts on this blog, and feminism is a very crucial part of who I am, and I thought I’d start posting more of my opinions and random thoughts I have on different issues! I’ve been thinking a lot about the infantilization of women recently and… Continue reading Lolita Fashion VS “Sexy Baby”

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Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs has been in the news recently for his New York Fashion Week runway show. His collection was said to be inspired by Boy George, Harajuku girls, and director, Lana Wachowski. The actual clothing and accessories weren’t the subject of discussion. What has everyone talking is that the hairstyle of choice for the team… Continue reading Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week