I Was Busy Thinking ‘Bout Boys!💖

I am in love with Charli XCX’s new song, “Boys”!  Directed by Charli herself, she collaborated with a bunch of different male celebrities, and produced a dreamy video full of pancakes, puppies, and pink flamingoes! The song itself is a BOP! It’s so cute and dreamy, and reminded me of songs from the 90s and early 2000s about secret crushes and that sort of thing.

At first, I just saw it as a fan service-y video was just 76 boys pandering to the elusive female gaze. But Charli gave us so much more than that. Out of the many, many celebrity faces that we see in the video, a good portion of them are people of people of color, some were plus sized, and not all of them were straight. So, this video isn’t some sort of Magic Mike fantasy, for girls only, but instead, an ode to how great boys can be when they’re not being garbage! These boys were allowed to be soft and feminine, even cutesy!

You hardly get to see boys allowed to be feminine or soft, and this video was full of that! Charli XCX is a transcendent artist, and she took a song that seems kind of vapid or ridiculous, and made it a statement! I love her so much and honestly, she’s one of the few artists out with such a great creative vision, and an inclusive view of feminism. I can’t wait to see her new album, that’s set to come out soon.


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