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Gotham City Garage!

DC is constantly giving me life! Multiple characters have been confirmed as queer, and DC Bombshells, an AU about the heroines of the DC universe fighting in World War II. It was basically my dream comic! Wonder Woman and Mera were best friends, Stargirl and Supergirl fought against Stalin’s regime, Harley Quinn falls in love with Poison Ivy, a French model, and Batgirl inspired a group of her biggest fans to start a gang to keep Gotham safe.

But now, their newest Alternate Universe is based on a collection of popular statues that were released last year, called “Gotham City Garage”. The statues featured popular female heroes and villains, like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Catwoman as fierce bikers.

The comic of the same name is about a group of girl bikers who rebel against the futuristic “utopia” Lex Luthor has turned Gotham City into. Batman has become his head of security who brutally keep the status quo in check. The story is said to center around Kara Gordon, (Supergirl) who escapes Luthor’s matrix-like world, and finds the Gotham City Garage, and a group of rebel bikers, fighting against the system!

I am so ready for this!! We have already seen that DC is good at creating female-driven stories, and this one seems super interesting. I know we’ll see Chaotic Neutral Harley causing discord, and Wonder Woman being a voice of reason in a hard time, but I wonder who else we’ll see. Starfire? Cyborg? Vixen or maybe even Livewire! The comic is going to be released in October, first digitally, and a print one coming soon after. I can’t wait to start reading it.


Laurel Hope


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