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Rebel Girl, You Are The Queen of My World


The Avril Lavigne vibes are alive and well here, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I have always loved punk fashion, plaid skirts, and loads of black and red have always been parts of my wardrobe, and the overall effortlessly cool effect it gives off, even though a lot of work has to be put in at times to create a really hardcore punk look.

I was originally going to wear a tighter fitting shirt, but I decided I wanted to wear something looser, because I liked the feel of wearing a cropped band tee shirt, so I chose my “Girl Gang” tee shirt, and paired it with my new plaid skirt from Hot Topic. (I haven’t shopped there in years, and honestly? They still have some pretty good stuff. I might just do a whole Mall Goth look to re-live my high school days) I finished the outfit off with a pair of fishnets and over the knee socks. I didn’t go for regular ripped black tights because I was kind of going for Lyn-Z Way’s penchant for wearing knee socks with fishnets, and I also just love layering socks in general. It’s such a fun way to jazz up an outfit!

While I’m not punk all day every day, it’s still fun to do a simplistic version of a style that I admire so much. This outfit makes me feel both flirtatious and tough and powerful, which is such a good mix of feelings, if you ask me. This is really different from what I normally wear, and I love that. Fashion is so amazing because you can feel super girly and fluffy one minute, and hardcore goth the next, and you can express it in a way that words can’t achieve. I hope to be doing more punk looks in the future, because the Riot Grrrl in me is just waiting to burst out!


Laurel Hope


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