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Moschino Makeup??

2017_Article_header_MoschinoSephora_1.jpgCan you hear me screaming at the top of my lungs??? Because I am. Moschino just announced that they will be collaborating with Sephora, to release a limited edition makeup line, set to release in August! I’ve recently gotten really into makeup and, as you probably know, I’m obsessed with Moschino, so this is kind of a godsend for me. I love fun, and cute makeup, but I also am kind of particular on how nice everything is, and I want the substance to be just as good as the style of packaging.

Moschino is, at its core a luxury brand, and they take their products very seriously, so I feel like consumers like me will finally get that mix of cute and fun makeup, along with high quality! The products that are said to be included, along with their prices, according to Elle Canada, are:

  • A giant eyeshadow palette, the size of a real life teddy bear, with 21 shades in matte and shimmery finishes ($60)
  • A highlighter duo, one rose gold shade, and one champagne shade ($28)
  • A compact mirror ($28)
  • A set of six lipglosses inspired by six cities that Moschino holds dear to their heart, along with a 24k gold wearable chain ($40 for the set)
  • A five piece gold plated teddy bear and brush set, including an all Over Face Brush, Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Crease Brush, and Highlighter Brushes ($68)
  • A faux fur bear eye mask ($25)
  • A shopping bag mini palette with matte and metallic shades, along with a how-to book that shows how to create three separate looks! ($23)

While I’m dying to try them all, I specifically want to get my hands on the highlighter, compact, and large eyeshadow palette. (and okay, maybe one of the lipglosses) Creative director, of Moschino, Jeremy Scott also made it a point to make everything on the cheaper side of  I think this really great of him. I love designers who understand that there are a lot of people who love their brand, but can’t get to the real thing, and want to give them some way to connect with the brand without sacrificing quality.

The choice to make these items on the cheaper side is a really great one, because it shows that the business of high fashion is not just about making money. Designers I think are slowly realizing that they aren’t just making clothes for critics and rich customers, they have fans of their work who will do what they can to get as close to the brand as possible. I hope more brands follow Jeremy Scott’s example and start having opportunities for their fans with shallower pockets, without giving them cheaply made, and sloppily put together bargain deals.

I hope to be giving a review of these products soon! But until then, I’ll just keep crying over how cute everything is! I love teddy bear motifs so much, so this might just be the death of me…


Laurel Hope


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