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Oversized Tee Shirt Lookbook

This is my first lookbook ever!! I’m so excited!

I have a low-key obsession with Moschino’s oversized tee shirts, they’re adorable, they’re comfy, and they’re casual enough that I can wear any day of the week. So naturally, they’d be a great way to start doing lookbooks. It can be kind of weird to decide how  to wear a “designer” tee shirt, so I thought I’d give my advice. When I wear one, I tend to look a bit more “extra” than I would with a usual tee shirt. So, here are a couple of ways you can style your own “fancy” tee shirts!

The first shirt I used is printed with shopping bags, so when I wear it, I like to dress in a way that’s a bit more fancy, or classic.


The first look was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. I love her classic european style, so I wanted to channel that in this look. I took some black cropped leggings, and accented them with a cute pair of black flats with silver detailing. The size of the tee shirt makes my frame smaller, and the leggings make my legs look a bit longer. I’m not usually someone who wears pants, but I found this outfit so cute and classic, I needed to photograph it!

The next look was inspired by an outfit worn by one of my favorite youtubers, Stef Sanjati. I think one of the best ways to wear an oversized shirt is to wear it as a dress. My favorite accessory for this particular tee shirt is a strand of pearls. For some reason, I couldn’t explain why, I love pearls with a tee shirt! I like this look for parties, or any sort of event where you want to look like an upper-class socialite who doesn’t take themself too seriously. If you aren’t a fan of over the knee socks like I am, you can swap them out for high boots or nude heels.

The next tee shirt might just be my favorite! I love Barbie, and I love moschino, so it’s kind of a perfect match! This shirt has a lot of black and gold, so I mainly play up those colors, and go for edgier looks.moschino-barbie-blackhair-short-sleeve-tshirt-white.jpg


This look has two variations because I couldn’t pick just one. In the first picture I tucked my hair back into a snapback, and tried to give off  kind of a tough girl tomboyish vibe, and threw on a leather jacket. In the second, I swapped the jacket for a vest and left the hat out. While these looks are a bit casual for my taste, I think they are amazing for fall, and have a bit of a punk rock quality!


The next outfit was inspired by my favorite K-pop group, BTS. I love the style from their first album, it was a really over-the-top hip hop style, and I tried to bring that same energy into this outfit. I added the chunky gold chain and backpack, to play up the gold accents. I like wearing a big tee shirt with a pair of shorts or a skirt because it makes me look kind of tiny, but without making my legs look really short as well.

The last shirt I styled was my newest one, I like more modern and fashion forward looks with this shirt.



The first outfit I call my Tumblr Girl look, because I see this oversized tee shirt and jean short combo all the time. (and I lowkey wanted to try it) I think this is a really popular look for summer, and it’s great for when you’re traveling, because it’s really simple to put together, but you don’t have to worry about looking like an out of place tourist! I added some simple gold necklaces, and my crossbody bag to finish the look off.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 10.03.29 PM.png

The last look is, in my opinion another party look. I love this outfit for summer nights because it’s going to keep you cool, but if it gets a bit windy, you won’t be freezing. This outfit is definately more “mature” or adult-ish than what I usually wear.  I tucked the shirt into a body-hugging skirt to balance out how billowy the top is. I’m carrying a clutch instead of a crossbody bag like I usually do, because I wanted a more upscale look. For shoes, I’d suggest some heels. (or flats if you think heels are gross)

I really had fun creating this lookbook, and I hope it helped some people! I hope to create some more elaborate lookbooks in the future!


Laurel Hope


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