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Thoughts on America’s Next Drag Superstar

This post does contain spoilers for RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 9!!

This is just a small rant on my reaction to the Drag Race finale, because I feel like I’ve gotta get all my thoughts out about this.


This hasn’t been my favorite season of Drag Race, most of the lipsyncs were lackluster, the challenges were “meh”, some of the girls kept making excuses on why they performed the way they did, (for example, Charlie and Valentina during the reunion) and I feel that every week there was a new tragedy that was discussed. (Not invalidating the feelings of these girls and their struggles, but after a while, it just seemed like every episode had some serious topic that was discussed in the workroom.) But I think the one thing that collectively shocked many fans was the crowning of Sasha Velour over Shea Coulee.


Now, I was kind of upset with the finale in general. The idea that the winner was to be declared by a lip sync battle threw out all of the previous clout the girls earned throughout the season. Canceling out all of the wins each girl had, versus how many times they’ve been in the bottom, and how they’ve performed in the competition overall. To me, that seemed a little unneeded. And at first, I was pretty upset that Shea wasn’t crowned. She was able to rap, act, lip sync, perform stand up, and create some wonderful looks this season. She’s also been extremely kind and uplifting, and I think a lot of people saw her as a wonderful queen in general. (You might have seen my post on twitter explaining my full rage…)

My thoughts on Sasha being crowned were kind of apathetic. I loved Sasha Velour’s amazingly intelligent drag aesthetic, I thought she was interesting and creative, but I always looked past her. But now that she’s been crowned, and I’ve had some think, and talk to some other people about it. I definately see why she deserved to be crowned. Sasha Velour is the true future of drag. Shedding the idea of traditional glamour, embracing things that might be considered “ugly” by the mainstream, bringing high fashion, art, and true activism into the drag community is something that is so needed, and she provided that. Sasha isn’t a typical queen, much like Adore Delano, or Milk, she wasn’t a queen that fit in with what was expected, but the difference between Sasha and those girls, was that she is fully able to make her aesthetic somehow fit into the traditional aesthetic of over the top beauty and fashion. Sasha’s whole saying of letting monsters reign is so needed, because there is a lot of judgement, and overarching standards of what drag should be. Each queen is extremely unique, and timeless in their drag. While Shea is extremely current, Sasha is the future. LONG LIVE QUEEN SASHA! Beauty be damned! Let monsters reign!! (Finally, a win she can actually use!)



Laurel Hope


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