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Cartoon Girl!


This outfit makes me feel like a modern pastel punk-y princess! I was really surprised this outfit worked out as well as it did, because I feel like I was really just putting together a lot of things that I like all together, but it worked out pretty well in the end! I kind of feel like a character on Lizzie McGuire or some kind of Monster High doll. Which I LOVE bc Lizzie and Miranda were some of my style icons, and from what my friends have told me about Monster High, their outfits are cute af.

I finally wore my Chibiusa (or Mini Moon) tee shirt, this has been a long time coming, but I felt that I didn’t have a lot of things that really matched it. I used my favorite black circle skirt, but I added my new Listen Flavor petticoat in the color “Angel Soda” (CUTEST NAME FOR ANYTHING EVER) under it for a bit more volume. I finished the look off with my pink feminist vest, “Deredere” necklace, and Doki Doki ring from 6% Doki Doki.

I wore this look out to get ramen and 10 Below with my friend, (we also ended up in a purikura booth!!) and I felt so fun and happy in it! I feel like my own character in some kind of magical girl show! Maybe I’m not a member of a gang yet, but I’m princess-y, soft, and still strong. I think the addition of the pannier definately gave off more of a girly feel! I think I’m dressing like what I would want the cartoon version of myself to dress like. My staples are a skirt with some volume, a cool vest and jewelry, tights, and boots, which are all shown off here. (The space buns are not a constant because I do love my natural hair when it’s out a lot more) While I was really iffy on if this outfit would turn out the way I liked, I’m glad I wore it out, because it’s becoming one of the outfits I’d love to do more with, or rework in a different way.


Laurel Hope


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