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Pastel 90s’ Anime Vibez

I just got the CUTEST shirt from Listen Flavor, and I honestly couldn’t wait to wear it out! I don’t really watch a lot of anime, but I do love the aesthetic of 80s’ and 90s’ anime fashion, and character tropes, so I channeled that energy in today’s look!

My sailor tee shirt is from Listen Flavor, I’m not really big on the whole unicorn trend, but this one was so cute I couldn’t resist! I love how long it is, because I like to layer skirts underneath, like I did here! My skirt is from Choies, and I have it in black as well. I don’t wear the white skirt often, because, 1. I feel like I’m too messy to wear white, and 2. I don’t really have a lot of other things to pair with it, but today, I think it worked out! My favorite part of this outfit are my kogal socks from sockdreams! They’re the real loose socks that were popularized by high school gyaru gals, and I love them with this look!! I also wore my simple black and white vans for easy and comfortable walking.

I also added some gold foil freckle tattoos to add to the look! I feel like the entire album “Promise” by Mark Redito, all pastel and full of happiness! (and boba. I’m 100% full of boba)

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.40.02 PM.png

I’d love to do more with this outfit in terms of accessories, maybe some colorful barrettes here and there, or a couple of cute bandaids and bracelets, but for now, I think it looks really cute and simple! This is definately an outfit that I’d use to define my personal style, cute, comfy, and j-fashion inspired!


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