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Self Love VS. Narcissism

I had my mass media class the other day, and we talked about how people are so vain now, because they like to take selfies, how snapchat has made the world narcissistic, and facebook live and instagram live shows people things that they don’t really want to see. And I was a bit surprised about how negative social media is seen!

I think social media, for me, is used to document my life. Maybe not my whole life, but things that I’m proud of! I want to work in fashion, so a lot of what I post on my Instagram are outfits, because I worked really hard putting them together,  I like the way they turned out, and I want to share them with the world. Ok, maybe not the world but I want to share them with the people who follow me, and hopefully I can use these pictures to show my skills as a stylist.

I was especially annoyed when people start talking about selfies, because I see that people roll their eyes when they see “Millennials taking their selfies being all narcissistic with their participation trophies”, but I don’t really think it’s an awful thing. I think that we also live in an age where self-esteem is generally pretty low for people, and I think that the popularity of selfies really are a pretty good thing because people are happy with how they look, and they’re happy to share it!  

I think sometimes people get confused with narcissism and simply loving the way you look. To me, narcissism is when someone thinks that they’re the best thing in the universe,  the world revolves around them, and their looks surpass everyone else’s. I don’t think that’s the general idea of social media. I think the idea is sharing, it’s showing people different things that are going on in their lives and I think is really cool and interesting! Maybe someone’s Facebook live is sort of boring to you, but it’s not really for you. I think it’s more of a fun way for them to document their life. 

This is kind of a rant post but I just feel really annoyed when people act like social media, selfies and Snapchat and all these new really interesting things are inherently bad. It’s not bad to  want to share a picture of yourself,  it’s not bad to share what you’re doing. I think that sometimes post can be misconstrued, but from my feed, and from what I’ve just generally seen, I don’t think that taking a picture of yourself is inherently narcissistic. You’re not bad for liking yourself, always remember that!


Laurel Hope


One thought on “Self Love VS. Narcissism

  1. I completely agree with you. I think part of the stereotype of social media being just for “stupid self-centered millennials” comes just from people wanting to feel like they’re different. They roll their eyes in contempt and feel all edgy because they are riding the hate wagon. “I’m not like those narcissistic idiots, I hate selfies”. That attitude is quite pathetic. Like you said, sharing something you like about yourself or your life does not make you a bad person, it just means you’re enjoying yourself, as you should. And it means you like sharing, as social beings do. 😊

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