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What an Experience…

I’ve been reading a lot of work by Lamont Paulin, an independent writer who I’ve been following on instagram and tumblr for a while. He writes beautiful stories, ranging from detective stories, taking place in a cyberpunk universe, to stories about budding romance, love, and lust. His stories can discuss growing up, and accepting adulthood, or trying your hardest to forget your troubles. It doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll read it, honestly! The way he writes has you engulfed in the story almost immediately, and each piece really make you think about how you see the world, even if his stories take place in a fictional universe!

He writes in such a personal way, for example, when his stories are told in first person, you really sympathize with the characters, and you feel like you know their thoughts and feelings about certain things, even if they aren’t plainly stated. My personal favorite is a series called Capital, a futuristic, almost Bladerunner-esque story about a corrupt city, it’s a series of one-shot pieces told by multiple characters! Though they’re short, they all come together to paint a picture of what their universe is like without giving a large overarching plot.

Lamont kind of reminds me of Halsey in a way. He’s able to take simple, almost cliche tropes and rework them in a new way, so they feel nostalgic and familiar, but never boring. It doesn’t matter what genre the story is or how short, you’re always emotionally invested. Lamont Paulin’s writings are more than just stories, they’re an experience!

Follow him on Tumblr, Wattpad, and/or Instagram to read his work!


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