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Post-Emo Chic!

IMG_7291.jpgI wanted to wear my knit skirt again, so I decided to wear one of my old band tee shirts from back when I was sixteen. I never really got into the band tee shirt trend, as in wearing “old” Led Zeppelin tee shirts, and stuff like that. I didn’t like the bands, so to me, it made no sense to wear the shirt. However, This My Chemical Romance shirt has a vintage-inspired art style, and I’m still in love with the band, (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is a masterpiece, fight me on it) so I was happy to finally wear it for style, rather than comfort!

I really wanted to wear an outfit that showed off my figure in a different way than I normally do. I’m wearing my knit skirt from Moschino, that hugs my body, unlike most of my skirts that flare out. I tied my Danger Days MCR shirt to make it a crop top, to expose a small sliver of my midsection to break up all the black. I was thinking of cutting the shirt into a crop top, but it fits me so nicely, and I’ll often wear it casually, so I didn’t want to ruin it. And of course, it’s not a Laurel Hope outfit without a pair of over the knee socks! I was afraid that the socks were going to look a bit awkward, but they actually pulled the whole outfit together, I think! I finished the outfit off with a pair of heeled black boots, and my teal Moschino motorcycle bag for a burst of color!

Though this is an all-black outfit, it was surprisingly comfortable to wear in the warm weather we’ve been having! I felt so cute and stylish. Most of my outfits aren’t really super on trend, so it’s nice to try something different once in awhile!!


Laurel Hope!


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