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Is This Like, A Noxzema Commercial??

This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn!! Clueless is my favorite movie, and this set from Glitters For Dinner is absolutely kismet! I talked about Glitters For Dinner before, in an old post, but this is my first time wearing this look. I’ve always wanted a plaid matching set, and this one was such good quality, I had to get it! I decided to go for the pink, because I feel like if I got the yellow, it’d look like I’m wearing a costume, and a pink plaid skirt and blazer combo is already something that I’d love to wear!

This is a favorite outfit of mine, because even though it is very obviously a Cher Horowitz inspired look, I added a few personal touches. With the set, I’m wearing my favorite Mahou Shoujo necklace from Mahou Kei on Storenvy, my “You Wish” conversation heart purse from SugarBaby, and my charm bracelet. On my feet, I’m just wearing a pair of black and white vans.

In this outfit, I feel like I’m living in my own movie, I can’t really explain it, it’s not a bold in-your-face sort of look, but it does stand out! I feel like bubblegum! A teen dream! This cute outfit is so fun, and slightly preppy! Obviously I like anything pink, so it’s definately an outfit of my dreams. I will definitely be wearing this again!


Laurel Hope


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