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I feel like I have to post a non lolita look coordinate, since I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. I also love expanding my style beyond J-fashion, because though it is somewhat of a foundation in my style, I love more modern looks as well!

I just got my newest oversized tee shirt from Moschino, from the new Rat-a-Porter collection. I am in love with the message, “Couture is an attitude. It’s not a price point.” I was really inspired to make an outfit that’s fierce and exudes power, proving the point of the tee shirt.

With my tee shirt, I’m wearing a Charlotte Russe leather jacket, a pair of old black tights, and on my feet, I’ve got this great new pair of over the knee suede boots! I’ve accessorized with two strands of vintage faux pearls, and my favorite Killstar Co. hat! I really love this hat, because when I wear it with a more trendy or “High Fashion” look, it can pull the outfit together and look really cute in a “soft and eccentric parisian millionaire” sort of way. Not pictured in my look, is a leather japanese school bag embellished with key charms! While it sounds more cutesy, the leather bag doesn’t look that way. It’s a very versatile piece!

I’m actually really proud of this look, I feel so cool and stylish, I feel like the only thing that would complete my look is for me to be walking a dalmatian. I want to do less casual tee shirt looks, because the outcome of this outfit is so great!



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