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Halloween Candy🎃🍬🍭🍫

With this horrific blizzard covering New York in a messy white blanket, I thought I’d break out my favorite print of all time, Guilty Meltin’ Sweets Town, to spread some Halloween cheer! I love all of Alice and the Pirate’s Halloween prints so much, but this one will always reign supreme in my heart! I call this coordinate “Halloween Girl” because I always feel like a cute, tricky Halloween spirit when I wear it.

My hoodie in the first picture, looks plain, but actually has devil horns on the hood, and the same cake chandelier motif on the back! It’s super comfy and great to keep warm when I’m inside. I also love how the shape of the skirt doesn’t flare out like all of my other skirts, this one sort of becomes a pumpkin/cupcake shape that I think is also super cute. In my hair I have a nice pair of black devil horns, and some purple roses.

I think I love this skirt so much because it incorporates all of the things I love most in a print: Candy, creepy stuff, halloween stuff, and candy towns! I think it’s so fun and cute, and I can’t wait to expand on this coord and make it fun and outrageous!!

More to come soon!


Laurel Hope


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