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I haven’t done a non-fashion post in a while, so I thought I’d talk about something that’s really important to me.

Self Care and Self Love are both things that I try and exemplify every day. However, I’m showing two different kinds of things. Some things that soft and cutesy, and ways you can treat yourself to something nice. Also, I’ll be showing you to care for yourself in ways that are more realistic, and everyday things you should do. So, when I have a really bad panic attack, or if I get really low, I do some of these things to make myself feel better.

  1. Bathe! Take a shower or a bath. Yes, getting in, and out of the bath are both equally annoying, but it’s a nice place to either calm down and relax, or, if you’re busy washing your hair, or your body, it’s great to not really think about anything! It’s a good place to just do busy work, so you don’t over think things, or just so you have something to do. But also, treat yourself! Make it a bubble bath, add a pretty bath bomb or put on a nice body butter afterwards to make your skin super smooth and soft.
  2. Take a walk somewhere nice, or in a place you like. When I get really sad, or just low in general, I like to take walks in SoHo, especially when the sun starts setting, because the sky’s a nice dark blue, the street’s quiet and the lights are kind of twinkly. I like going in the galleries and seeing all the different art, or getting a small snack at Sunrise Mart. But that’s just me! You could go to the mall, a museum, a nice garden, anywhere that makes you feel calm or happy.
  3. Drink water. You don’t need to drink eight glasses, (there’s no real research that shows that that’s a thing) but you should stay hydrated. I know it’s annoying to have someone over the internet to tell you to “Be healthy” but being healthy is part of taking care and loving yourself.
  4. Do your makeup! Even if you aren’t going out, and even if you don’t think you’re that good, I think that the process of putting on makeup can be very therapeutic. It’s calm, you can put on music you like, or try a cool tutorial, it’s just a good time! And afterwards, you look super cute!
  5. Clean your living space. Sometimes it’s hard to be happy when you’re living in a very messy space. So, wash your sheets, and make your bed if you don’t normally make it. Or you could do your dishes and re-organize your cabinets or dressers. I don’t really like cleaning, unless I have some music on in the background. I suggest using a soundtrack from a Studio Ghibli movie, (preferably Castle in the Sky or My Neighbor Totoro) the music is very peppy and it makes me want to get up, and make my living space a bit nicer!
  6. Dress in a way you love! I know I keep saying this, and I’ll probably make a big post about it soon, but wearing things you like, can make you feel a bit more confident, and boost your mood.
  7. Instead of eating foods like chips when you’re trying to look for something crunchy or sweet, try eating fruit, nuts, or vegetables if you’re looking for a snack.
  8. Write your feelings down. Sometimes, I write down the emotion I’m feeling over and over again until I’m so concentrated on the word itself, it loses meaning, and I forget about what made me upset.
  9. Watch a cute movie or a nice show! Some of my favorite things to watch when I’m sad are the  Tank Girl, a cult classic comedy with some great one liners, Studio Ghibli movies like Ponyo, or Kiki’s Delivery Service, Sophia Coppola’s movies, The Bling Ring and Marie AntoinetteSailor Moon, and of course, Kamikaze Girls, my all time favorite movie! (A Lolita and a motorcycle girl gang member become unlikely friends!) Movies that you love can help you calm down, or distract you from feeling sad.
  10. Make something. Sometimes I like to sew things, whether it’s repairing buttons on a coat, or doing a bit of embroidery. I also love taking pictures with my polaroid camera, and writing stories. Sometimes creating something can feel really good, and take your mind off of bad things.

I hope these things help you feel better if you’re feeling bad or panicking. These things help me, and I really hope they help you too! If you have anything that you do when you’re sad, or you just want to care for yourself, or love yourself, tell me your habits in the comments!

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Laurel Hope


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