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So Delightfully Bittersweet!

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Yesterday was my first day working at my new job! I was so excited, so I had to wear something kind of cutesy and soft, so I went for a nice Bittersweet Lolita look for my first day! I think it’s a great mix of my love of cute things, and my need to wear a lot of black! I decided to call this coord “Cake Doll” because a man on the subway said I reminded him of one of the cakes he would make with his mother, where they would place cake around the doll’s waist so it looked like she was wearing a skirt!

I am falling more in more in love with my Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale skirt, from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. It’s an adorable candy town/Hansel and Gretel print, which are one of my favorite themes! (I just need to get my hands on Welcome to the Sweets Hexenhaus!!) It’s so soft and cute, and the houses on it are super detailed, so it’s become one of my go-to skirts. I also attached a small pompom scrunchie to my blouse to add a little extra accessory, since I don’t own that many blouses, and I wear a lot of skirts, I’m trying to jazz my look up a bit! Since I was walking around all day, I decided to wear my regular sparkly black flats instead of a pair of heels. My socks are O Lovelies from, and they’re the perfect blush pink to go with this look! The rest of my accessories included my favorite head bow, a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright heart necklace, and a vintage pearl bracelet.

I have always been a fan of Bittersweet Lolita, (Bittersweet is characterized as wearing a traditionally “sweet” print with a black colorway) it’s cutesy and pastel, but I also get to wear black without taking away from its soft and innocent aesthetic! This is definitely one of my more doll-like Lolita looks, where instead of my theme being a real, living person, I try and channel that cutesy porcelain doll feeling.

More to come soon!


Laurel Hope


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