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Kawaii Never Dies!

FRUiTS Magazine, the bible for japanese street fashion, has announced that they are closing down, and ceasing publication. Lovers of the iconic bright, neon street fashion everywhere are getting upset at this, and wondering why. Their reasoning is that there isn’t anyone interesting to photograph anymore, which as people wondering if Harajuku street fashion is dying out.

And all I have to say about that is, NOPE!!!!!! People who travel to Japan and visit Harajuku now say there’s a lack of bright, colorful outfits like there were in the 90s, which, if you think about it, is to be expected.

Fashions will go in and out of style in Japan, just as they do in America. The kawaii movement, and fun out-there fashions in Japan are still alive and well. Look at Tokyo Fashion’s website, or Kawaii Pateen (Who I am not really a fan of). Both are thriving, and continue to show Japanese girls who wear cute street fashions. Perhaps Decora isn’t as big anymore, and Lolita is more global than before, but you still have styles like Yume Kawaii, or Menhera, or the more elaborate fashions like Shironuri.

The biggest problem, I think, is that Harajuku, specifically Takeshita isn’t the same. It became a huge place for tourist to visit, and soon, salespeople started setting up tee shirt stands, and places that you would find a the beach. (you know, the annoying outdated memes and stuff like that) So, the main part of Harajuku isn’t a pure stomping ground for these kids to hang out anymore, they’ve got tourists begging for pictures, and not a lot of small original stores anymore. It’s kind of like up here. When people feel something is filling up with tourists in New York, people stop going there.

So, don’t get discouraged if you feel like japanese street fashion is dying. Styles change, but I think that Japanese pop culture will always have a distinct look and style.

Photo Cred: Pinterest, Tokyo Fashion



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