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This is the first time I’ve worn my Moschino dress out, and I am obsessed. I felt like my Future Self, taking New York by storm. But in reality, my friend from back home was spending her last day with me up here, so we embraced the warm weather and spent the day prancing around SoHo taking polaroid photos and crying while looking at bag prices in Chanel and marveling at the different art galleries.

I love this dress with my vest from Forever 21, and ripped tights, because I think it really goes great with the overall theme of the original runway collection. Kind of haphazard and edgy, but without being sloppy. The dress itself was really comfy to wear, because it was a bit large, and was a really flexible fabric. I also loved wearing the dress with my new backpack, because it’s easier to wear than a handbag, and I could keep waaay more stuff in there.

I think the best thing about this outfit is that it looks very edgy and high-fashion, but it’s main piece is an Anti-Fashion statement, so I feel like it’s a true Moschino Look. The whole idea of being able to take things that people hold on pedestals less seriously, and poke fun at them is really refreshing once and awhile!


Laurel Hope


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