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💖Hexed Lolita💖

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 3.25.08 PM.png

I’ve done it! I’ve finally worn a “Street Lolita” coordinate out! I was so happy to have my pretty, bouncy skirt with something a little more casual. I call this look, “Hexed Lolita”, because it’s got an overall witchy aesthetic, but has the silhouette of a regular lolita coordinate. The tee shirt was much more comfortable, and it didn’t squish my chest like a regular blouse, and I feel like the hat and the boots pull the whole look together.

This outfit is so fun to wear, even when my hat kept almost blowing off my head. My friends and I searched all over Flushing and K-town for a nice, cheap Karaoke place (and a hot bowl of noodles) so this was a great outfit for exploring, but still looking cute and soft!

I think taking Lolita pieces and putting them with more casual wear is really fun if done nicely, and I think it’s really good to try and break the rules of lolita once and a while!


Laurel Hope


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