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Valentine’s Idol


Happy Valentine’s Day!! This is my official Valentine’s/Lonely Hearts Club look. This outfit is really cute, and kind of reminds me of a casual Japanese school idol look. (The girls from Love Live better watch out!!) Most of their costumes, the outfit is based off of school uniforms, but done a little more stylishly, but still holds it’s cuteness.  (it kinda sucks that I have no plans other than going to class and doing homework today, bc this outfit is super cute 😢)

I really love my adorable seifuku sweater that I got from a (now closed) shop from Storenvy. It’s super soft, and a really nice piece that can go with a lot of different outfits. My skirt is from Forever 21, and I really love the lace underskirt, it adds this romantic feel to the  outfit. I’m also wearing my favorite beret from Alice and the Pirates! I love that it goes with most of my outfits, and adds a bit of preppiness!

So, in conclusion, I hope you all have a lovely valentine’s day, and a wonderful day after valentine’s day when all the candy is on sale!💖💖💖


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