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Woodland Fantasy

Dior just revealed it’s  first haute couture collection with new creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. Which is a huge deal, and I’ve been looking forward to this for MONTHS!! I loved Maria’s work for Valentino, and I hoped she could bring her own twist to the decadence and classic beauty that I feel Dior is known for.

The overall theme was that of a masked ball, straight out of a fairytale. There was a definite homage to Christian Dior’s love of flowers in this collection, and I really love that. I feel like the two shows Maria Grazia Chiuri directed, both had the original Christian Dior in mind. The first one showcased his love of women and femininity, and this one showcased his love of nature.

The first couple of looks featured all black or all white gowns, and then monocromatic skirt and blouse sets. With this whimsical fairytale inspired aesthetic, I saw these looks as “Evil” and “Good” characters, and the monocromatic looks as being a mix of both. I really loved the hooded dress, (fourth picture) it’s so witchy and mysterious, but with the simple design, it achieves this aura effortlessly!

I loved this section of the show. The earthy toned dresses, layers of chiffon, and pressed flowers felt so beautiful and delicate without being overly sweet or cheesy. I love the headdress of twigs in the last picture, it’s so delicate and imaginative. I feel like these dresses have a sense of fragility to them, but i also get a feeling of freedom. The silhouettes are so natural and simple, so I feel like there’s a level of comfort that you don’t always get when watching a haute couture show.

The show ended with a couple more floral chiffon gowns, and then some beautiful dramatic black gowns. I sort of wanted more for the end of the show, the last few gowns were not more show-stopping than the others, and I’ve always loved a finale of a fashion show that leaves me stunned.

Looking at these dresses individually, I really questioned if this was a true dior line, but I think as a collective, it definately fits into the brand ideals. I love Maria Grazia Chiuri’s revamped idea of femininity, and I can’t wait to see more of her work in the future!


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