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It is Good, It is Chic

I am in love. I am truly in love. I haven’t felt this way about Chanel since their Pan Am inspired collection. Karl Lagerfeld has created a beautiful sparkling world of sequins and feathers for the newest haute couture show that would put Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens in a coma. This is a line that combines the frivolity and opulence of Daisy Buchanan, with the aesthetics of a 60s’ socialite.

We were first shown some classic tweed suits, in pretty pastel colors. I really loved the soft colors and classic cuts. They were kind of retro, some of them even reminded me of Jackie O’s pink chanel suit. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the tweed suit in a collection, because I think it might not fit with the overall aesthetic of the collection, but I think in this case, it fits perfectly.

After the suits were a couple of fluffy dresses. I love the silver accessories with the otherwise matte dresses. My favorite pieces had black lace overlays, that gave the dresses an extra air of elegance. I was very happy with the use of full skirts with this collection. I think femininity has been changing so much in the world of high fashion, it’s nice to see things that are traditionally girly.

The final stretch of the show is what killed me. All of the sequins, feather, and tulle was so over the top, glamorous, and gave me such Valley of the Dolls meets Troop Beverly Hills vibes for some reason. At first I was a little off-put by the big poofy feathers, but then I was like “why am I side eyeing?? I would definately wear the fourth dress, given the chance!”

This has to be one of my favorite fashion shows of all time. From the beautiful mirrored venue, to the fluffy and sparkly dresses, I am deceased! Chanel truly outdid itself with this line, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Laurel Hope



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