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Soft Feminism

Today is an amazing day. Honestly, there are hundreds of Women’s Marches around the globe! Not just in America, but in Europe, Australia, Africa, EVERYWHERE! I’ve always known women are strong and powerful, and today was a great day that proved me right!

Sadly, I couldn’t gather a group to go to a march, (you should ALWAYS go to a march or protest in a group!!) so I’m at home instead, and at first, I was feeling like I wasn’t being part of history. Like, because I couldn’t be out there today, I had no way to help. But then I realized, we live in the social age! So this is for all the inclusive feminists out there who couldn’t participate in the march, or can’t go to future marches, here are a few things you can do to be part of the movement, or just have some good clean, feminist fun!

  1. Spread the news! Simply reblogging or retweeting pictures or statements spreads the word to other people. It sounds simple, but any little thing helps!
  2. If you’re not well read on feminist issues, get informed. Read books, articles, anything, that can help you understand! Talk with other people to gain perspective.
  3. Doing cool feminist things like listening to Riot Grrrl music, like Bikini Kill, or Bratmobile, watching a documentary on feminism, and things like that really help me feel like I am part of something. Screaming out the lyrics of “Don’t Need You” and really identifying with them makes me feel like “feminism” isn’t just a word, it’s something the world needs. (If punk isn’t ur thing, I suggest trying  Solange, Marina and the Diamonds, Janelle Monae, some songs by F.E.M.M. or Beyonce!)
  4. Love yourself. This sounds vague, but by surrounding yourself that make you happy, dressing in a way that you love, and doing things just for YOURSELF is inherently feminist. Actively trying to love yourself, your body, race, sexuality, gender, basically, anything about YOU is extremely important. I do this by wearing a great outfit, making myself look super fierce, and and just going to places I like!  Feminism isn’t always hard and angry, it can be as simple as doing your makeup even though you’re staying in!
  5. Create, create, CREATE! I can’t stress it enough! Start a zine with your friends, make cool art with fun slogans, write a story about a hardcore girl gang, take a jacket and sew patches that say “Fuck Beauty Standards” or “Punks Respect Pronouns” all over it! It doesn’t matter what you do, but creating things helps bring the change you want to see in the world.

Angela Davis said “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept.” I keep that statement in my heart in times like these, and I feel like you should too. So don’t be upset if you can’t march on the frontlines, you’re still important, you’re still revolutionary, and you can still make history!


Laurel Hope


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