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Lolita Identity Crisis

Most of my friends know me for being a gothic lolita. And I’ve become very comfertable with this, it’s one of the ways I describe myself; “Laurel Hope, the Goth Lolita” is a description I carry with me, and use to identify myself. When I got into lolita, I was about sixteen, and going through my cringeworthy emo phase. (Black hair combed over to one side, tight black jeans, studded belts, and ill-fitting My Chemical Romance tee shirts were my clothing staples.😣😖) So, by default, I was instantly drawn to the adorably evil aesthetics of Gothic Lolita. The mix of cuteness with dark and creepy motifs was so interesting, and it combined my two aesthetics into one thing!

I feel myself changing, slowly, and starting to love sweet lolita more and more. I mean, the last new pieces I bought last year, besides my Opal Church Choir OP, were sweet! I got the Marie Antoinette skirt from Baby, Musee Du Chocolat, and Decoration Dream from Angelic Pretty.

I think, that along with me trying not to buy black clothes, and embracing pretty, pastel things, I’ve carried that over to lolita. And it’s kind of freaking me out a little. I remember starting lolita and declaring that I’d never wear sweet! that it’s too cutesy and that’s not for me! I was a smol goffik child and that’s how I’d stay! But now all I want is to break up my bleak, black pile of skirts, and add in some bright pinks, and blues. I keep wishing for Eternal Rose Bouquet, Promenade De Paris, any sort of old school pastel Baby dress, and hundreds of other ultra sweet prints. It’s just so bizarre because I never thought I’d be wearing things like this in lolita! I always thought I’d be the edgy kid, but I’m not anymore. That excites me, but it also scares me, I love the prettiness of it all, how Sweet lolitas can look like fairytale princesses, but I guess I don’t know if I’m going to give up goth lolita completely…

So, I guess what I’m saying is, you will probably be seeing a lot more sugary sweetness in my lolita coordinates. But that doesn’t mean I’m done  with my “Cute but Dangerous” aesthetics. Not just yet, anyways!

(this literally sounds so dramatic I need to chill lol)


Laurel Hope


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