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A Real Q.U.E.E.N.

I’ve gotten really into Janelle Monáe recently. She’s one of the stars in the new movie, “Hidden Figures” and a singer who only dresses in black and white.

Janelle wears black and white, not just as a preference, but as a statement. On stage, she told her fans, “When I started my musical career, I was a maid, I used to clean houses. My parents, my mother was a proud janitor. My stepfather, who raised me like his very own, worked at the post office and my father was a trashman — they all wore uniforms. And that’s why I stand here today in my black and white and I wear my uniform to honor them.” I really love how she doesn’t make a big deal about how she’s so progressive for starting off her career in suits. She has a beautiful reason behind it, but doesn’t act like she’s the ultimate feminist icon. (Even though she seems to be. For me anyways.)

She’s mainly known for being extremely pro-black and pro-feminism. I think she just might be my favorite singer at the moment. (Beating Macross 82-99) Her soulful songs that allude to black culture and self-positivity is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a singer! My favorite songs are “Ghetto Woman, “Q.E.E.N.”, and “Electric Lady”.

Janelle Monáe has been so unapologetic in her blackness for her entire career. And being in the public eye, that’s not a common thing. Many of her concepts involve the ideas of androids. I think she does this because it provokes the idea of looking, walking, and talking like a human being, but not being treated as such. Much like how black women are treated in society.

Overall, Janelle Monáe is a beautiful artist, and I implore you all to watch “Hidden Figures”, to listen to some of her music, and be as unapologetic in loving yourself as she is.


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