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You’ll Never Find A Love Like Me

Bonnie Mckee is a singer/songwriter who has written songs for almost every pop star. Last year, she released her first EP, Bombastic, and she gave her fans a “christmas surprise” with her new song and music video, Stars In Your Heart. She’s been hiding this video from us for three years, and let me tell you, it’s worth the wait!

Based off of the iconic film, Barbarella, Bonnie Mckee used her trademark vintage flair, and home-made feel with this video. (Check out her music video for California Winter to see what I’m talking about) Most of the props were built from scratch. Including her spaceship, the backgrounds for the set, and an adorable bedazzled blaster. The psychedelic and celestial backgrounds were simply made with oil and food-coloring. Shots of her floating around her spaceship were done with simple optical illusions and old-fashioned camera tricks instead of a green screen.

I am in love with how defined Bonnie Mckee’s music videos are. Watching this video, you can tell she put in a lot of work in making this a video that she could be proud of, and that her fans would be proud of. She has a knack for creating videos that have an older feel to them, without making them feel dated or cheesy, which is very hard to do in my opinion.

And these costumes! I’m crying!! From head to toe, Bonnie KILLED IT!!  I think she did an amazing job modernizing Barbarella’s costumes, but staying true to the 60s’ sci-fi aesthetics. I am so in love with the feather bustier, and sparkly nails and rings.

Her hair left a little more to be desired, since I know Barbarella for her long golden curls, while Bonnie opted for a wavy hairstyle. I did however, love her makeup, it’s sultry, dramatic, and perfect for the feel of the video.

I loved the video so much, that I was afraid to get the song, because I thought I was only watching it for the visual aspects. Once again, Bonnie delivers. She understands that especially in music, you cannot substitute style for substance. The song itself can stand alone. I’ve had it on repeat ever since the video was released! It’s so beautiful and otherworldly.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video, it’s so beautiful, and well done, I’m ready to cry because of it, omfg.

Photo Credit: Breathe Heavy, Bonnie Mckee’s Instagram, Youtube, and tumblr



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