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Too Faced Review Pt. 2

Last time, I showed off my new Too Faced lip colors, now I want to do a review of my newest highlighter!

So, I got the Candlelight Glow in the shade “Warm Glow”, and I’m not mad at it, in the swatches it’s not that pigmented, but it’s still very nice. The first swatch is the lighter shade with only one swipe, the second one is about four or five.  The last swipe is four or five of the darker shade.

For an every day makeup look, I don’t need something ultra bright and pigmented, so it’s pretty nice. It looks to be the same powder formula as their eyeshadows, and I do like their eyeshadows so I’m perfectly fine with these shades.

I do think I’ll be using this highlighter a lot, I think it’s very subtle and pretty, and definately something I can use without feeling like I’m going overboard.


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