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Too Faced Review Pt. 1

My holiday vacation has come to an end, and I was gifted with some beautiful products from my favorite makeup brand, Too Faced.

I fell in love with them because of their girly packaging, (they truly understand my aesthetic 😍😍😍) but I also love their fun palettes and girly colors. I’m going to review three of their La Creme lipsticks, and three Melted lipsticks. I was also gifted their Primed and Poreless Pure primer, Candlelight Glow Highlighter, and Love Flush blush. (I’m going to post a review for the highlighter tomorrow)

So, with the La Creme lipsticks, I am honestly in love with the shades I have. I got Clueless, (Bless Too Faced for naming this shade after my favorite movie ever!! 🙏🏾) Mean Girls, and 90210hhh! They’re nice and smooth, very pigmented, and they oddly smell like lemons.

Clueless is like a frosty pastel pink, I think I’m going to have a little bit of a base color under it so my lips, but I do like it by itself too. I don’t plan on wearing this shade every day, I think it’s a fun pretty shade that I want to create Looks around.

Mean girls is a traditional glittery hot pink, it’s super fun, very girly, and probably be what I wear most of the time.

90210hhh is a candy apple red. Unlike the other two shades, it isn’t glittery, it’s just a matte red, but it’s still pretty nice. I usually wear my NARs Cruella lip pencil, but this is another pretty color that I’ll definately be wearing a lot of.

I also received three of the Melted Lipsticks (Too Faced language for liquid lipstick) and I like these as well. I got the shades Jelly Donut, Fuschia, and Villain. They’re very bright, and nice, but you have to let them dry, because they will come off just because of talking!

I kind of feel the same way about Fuschia and Jelly Donut as I do about my Mean Girls La Creme. They’re bright pink  lipsticks, which I LOVE.

Villain, on the other hand, is my FAVE, it’s a witchy purple shade, that looks so great on, and I definately feel like the evolved Goth version of myself that I’ve always wanted to channel.

I love all of my Too Faced lipsticks, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my gifts and goodies with you!


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