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Comic Recommendations

Hi, my name is Laurel and I really love comics! And not just classic comics like superhero comics from DC and Marvel. There’s a whole other world out there of different kinds of comics that not a lot of people venture into. So I thought I’d make another list. This time, of my graphic novel recommendations!



Nimona is an independant comic by Noelle Stevenson, who also wrote Lumberjanes. It’s a fantasy/science fiction story about a girl who wants to become the apprentice of the villain of her kingdom. It’s really funny, spunky, and has a lot of heart. It’s a pretty thick book, but you read it so fast you don’t really mind.

2. Deadly Class


Deadly Class is a series by Image Comics (soon to be a TV show) that centers around Marcus Lopez. A boy living on the streets in the 1980s. He soon joins Kings Dominion School for the Deadly Arts, a high school where classes include Dismemberment 101. Marcus and his friend get into a world of trouble and it’s so addicting to watch him and his friends go nuts. This story has a diverse cast, who are all very 3 dimensional, with their own troubles. This is a grittier and darker story. It’s definately action packed, and almost Quentin Tarantino esque.

3. I, Zombie


Very unlike the CW TV show, In the Vertigo comic, Gwen is a gravedigger that happens to be a Zombie. She has to eat brains once a month to keep her from becoming one of the classic drooling non-human zombies. Her best friends are a ghost from the 60s’ and a Were-terrier. (like a werewolf, but a terrier…)  This story is far more kooky and kitchy than the TV show. It was actually a parody of Scooby Doo! I love the retro art style, and interesting characters. I highly recommend it to people who like supernatural stories that don’t take themselves too seriously.

4. Rat Queens


Rat Queens is one of my FAVORITE comics of ALL TIME!! This one is also by Image. It centers Dee, Bettie, Hannah, and Violet are all part of the guild Rat Queens. They fight monsters for money, all while making dirty jokes, drinking beer, and cursing out anyone who gets in their way. It’s been called “Buffy meets Tank Girl in a Lord of the Rings world on crack”! The Rat Queens are hilarious, and I love the fact that this is a story of girl who fight that aren’t sexy for the sake of being sexy. These girls have different body types, sexualities, and personalities. They’re all different, yet they’re a family. The story is sadly on an indefinite Hiatus because the team has to find a new illustrator. Hopefully, they will because the story left me hanging and I’m so upset!!!

5. My last recommendation is Tank Girl


Tank Girl is a wild, raunchy outlaw in the dystopian Outbacks of Australia. She drives and lives in her beloved tank, and is usually causing mischief. Her boyfriend is a mutant kangaroo hybrid named Booga, who reluctantly does all of her cooking. I first found out about Tank Girl from the movie of the same name. I think the comic and the movie can both stand alone. The comic has a slightly confusing art style, because of it’s disorganized, anarchist, and psychedelic aesthetics. I believe Tank Girl is the original Riot Grrrl. She doesn’t care what people think of her, or what the government thinks of her for that matter. This is probably my favorite comic of all time.

(I might make a Part 2 because I have so many more suggestions!)


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