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Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 5.09.11 PM.png

This is really a classic outfit for me. I love oversized shirts, leggings, and boots. It was really pretty and rainy out today, so this was a great outfit for just hanging out with my friends.

I’m really excited about the shirt. My friend, Jesus, and his friends, are in the works of creating a great streetwear line called Humane. I was given one of the limited edition samples of their shirts, and I really love it! The design is inspired of the famous image from the movie Poltergeist. I am so excited to see what they come up with next. The jacket is from Yves Saint Laurent. It’s so cute, and the leather is so nice! It’s a really cute fit, and it’s such a versatile classic piece. I love how it’s slightly baggy around the sleeves, but the fit is not too long. My rain boots are from Hunter, and they’re my absolute favorite! They’re really comfy, and I love the color.

This outfit is a classic rainy day outfit. I love using my clear bubble umbrella with it, and strolling around the city. It’s super cute, and really stylish and comfertable.



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