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Freckle Juice

Do you remember that book Freckle Juice where that kid really wanted freckles so he was tricked into drinking lemon juice? Well, now there’s a way to get super cute freckles without getting tricked into a prank. I’ve seen loads of tutorials about “Foil Freckles” or “Glitter Freckles” all over tumblr, instagram, and youtube, and I’m so in love with it!

Adding sparkles to your look have been such a big thing recently. From glitter roots, to sparkly tears, to galaxy-ing everything you own, the war on glitter finally seems to be over. And I am so glad because I love pretty sparkly things.

Now, I think I like the gold foil and freckles the best just because it’s subtle, but it makes your highlight game that much stronger! (And I have been OBSESSED with highlighting recently) I think this is such a cute New Year’s look, I definately want to try it out!

You can get temporary tattoo foil freckles from Amazon from a seller called Mr. Kate. They also sell confetti tattoos too, so you can totally play around and have fun with it!

Photo Credit: Pintrest, The Gloss, Tumblr, Daily Mail, and Iamkareno from instagram


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