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Fake is Fabulous!

I mentioned before that I love gyaru fashion and I’d love to try it out some day, but like Lolita, and the many other japanese street fashions I love, Gyaru is very much unknown!

In short, Gyaru is a makeup and clothing style that rebels against Japan’s standard natural fresh faced beauty ideals. Gyaru Gals use a lot of fake hair, false eyelashes, large circle lenses, and fake tans to achieve their signature look.  I’d like to share a few of my favorite styles of Gyaru!

Kogal being the most famous, is a style, and was mainly worn by school girls. Staples of this look were a school uniform, (of course) an oversized cardigan, shortened skirt, fake tan, and the iconic scrunched socks. Kogal is hardly worn in japan anymore, but still remains a cute and iconic part of gyaru fashion.

Agejo Gyaru is a grown-up style of gyaru, and is more provocative. It’s extremely glamorous and girly, like most gyaru styles, but aspects of lingerie like fishnets, garters, and corset lacing is often seen in the style. It’s still a very cute style, and contains many of the staples like big hair, thick lashes and fancy nails, but is cute in it’s own way. The combination of pink and black is very popular in Agejo Gyaru. (so it might just be my favorite…)

The last style I’ll share with you is called Rokku Gyaru, or rock Gyaru. This style is heavily inspired by heavy metal and visual kei fashion. It features a lot of platinum blond hair, dark smoky makeup. Red and black is a classic combination used. Also, large platform boots are seen very often in this style.

I think gyaru is another great style for people who want to break into japanese street fashion but aren’t quite ready to get too wild. It’s really fun and super girly and feminine. A lot of stores carry clothes that can be used for gyaru, so if you’re hesitant on trying Japanese brands, don’t worry! Stores like Forever 21 and H&M both carry lots of things that can be used for gyaru.

Photo credit: Tokyo Fashion, pinterest, and these tumblrs: x x x x x x x x x x


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