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Okay, I am practically vibrating while I’m doing this review. As you know, I’m a big fan of the brand Moschino, I think it’s fun, comedic, and perfect for people who love high fashion but don’t want to be serious all the time when looking at it.  You might also remember a while back I gave my opinion on Moschino’s Fall/Winter 2016 capsule collection. Well, the collection was finally on sale at the Moschino store in SoHo, (address will be at the bottom of this post) and I was able to get my hands on a piece that I loved when I saw the runway show.

I’ve been loving big tee shirts recently, they’re so cozy and they make me look smaller, which I like. When I wear a large tee shirt, it’s a day where I don’t really feel like wearing skirts, socks, and form fitting tops. So I kind of want to wear something a little more simple, and requires less effort. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t wanna look cute! So when I saw this dress in person, I knew it was meant to be. (I need to stop acting like every clothing item I purchase is like a great love story…)


(I wish I had a dress form so I could show how it fits, but c’est la vie!)

This is actually a dress that reaches down to my knees when it isn’t hiked up a little, so it’s longer than most things I own. The dress also isn’t made out of normal cotton, it’s mostly rayon. It feels smoother, like a formal dress would feel, which I love because I think it helps carry out the joke that this is a tee shirt dress. I also really love the warning design, designed like the back of a cigarette case. I think phrases like this are exactly what Moschino is all about. Being  a supporter of the anti-fashion movement while still being in the fashion industry.

The details of the scorch marks are so well done, I love how they don’t stop at the letters or at the black border. I am also glad that they decided not to just put holes in the dress, because I don’t know if I’d be okay with buying a dress that’s got a bunch of holes in it, no matter who made it.

I see myself wearing this dress with my long leopard coat, (fake fur of course…) a pair of black tights and my gold heels, a thick gold chain necklace, and a matte red lipstick. Or, if I want to skip the big coat, I think a pair of ankle boots, (these Demonia boots come to mind) and my leather vest or jacket would go nicely.

I’ll definately take pictures when I go out in this! I can’t wait to show it off! Just trying it on and wearing it around the apartment makes me feel glamorous and untouchable.

More to come!


Moschino SoHo Address: 73 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012


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