8tracks Faves

I have always loved the website 8tracks, I find so much new music and great songs from this website. I think if you can’t get/don’t want a record player, (or a cassette tape player) 8tracks is another “aesthetic” way to listen to music.

I say this because a lot of members put ways to listen to their playlists, like “…the sky is dark overhead. The artificial glow of the station departure boards and the numbers on her phone are one minute apart, caught in the space between 9:48 and 9:49 PM.” or aesthetic images that fit with the music. (sometimes I’ll only listen to a playlist because I like the picture)

I love this website so much, and I have so many favorite playlists, so I thought I’d share my ultimate favorites with you, so you can give them a listen!

tumblr_nupbijjJGQ1qfn43to1_500-9614.jpg French Pop

  •  I’ve been listening to a lot of 60s’ french music lately. I love the way it sounds, and I especially love Brigitte Bardot’s voice. This is my favorite collection because it’s all pop, a lot of playlists like to sneak in instrumental jazz, but I only want that sweet sweet french pop!

8tracks_pumpkins-4626.jpg Salt Circles

  • I’ve gotten really into folk music recently, or anything that sounds dark and gritty, and reminds me of southern gothic. (or AHS Coven…)  This playlist gives such a creepy and witchy aura, it was my favorite thing to listen to during October. My favorite track is Delta Rae’s Bottom Of the River. It’s slightly creepy and ominous, I love it!

tumblr_nrv7ybNZ1W1rab5nto1_500-7839.jpgWhat a Babe

  • My gr8 friend Rinxy made this dope playlist full of songs for unrequited love. This playlist actually started my love for the goddess that is Halsey. (favorite track being Is There Somewhere) I haven’t really had any great loves yet. (Unless I count some of my clothes…) But I do really like listening to love songs, especially if they’re sad. I don’t know why though…

tumblr_myk55jaSvk1rzmnzao1_500-3718.jpg The Night Blinks Back

  • I really love chillwave/vaporwave/ambient music. It’s so simple and easy to listen to, especially very late at night. I haven’t listened to this playlist in a while, but it still holds a special place in my heart. This one is one of my favorites, because it contains all the chill songs I love! My favorite is Suisei by Tofoubeats.

Untitled-4687.jpg はつらつとした ☆

  • Translating to Vivacious, I had this playlist on nonstop all summer! It’s so perky and happy. This playlist actually inspired my own playlist, Pale Yellows and Soft Pinks! I’ve fallen in love with electronic music recently, and a lot of my favorite songs, like Burnt Rice by Shawn Wasabi are on this playlist, so it’s a great time!

tumblr_mmevp8T5VV1sq1f29o1_500-9751.jpg Lips Like Cherry Cola

  • I mentioned above that I love 60s’ french pop music, but I also love 60’s american pop music. Especially girl groups like the Shangri- La’s and the Angels. My favorite songs on this playlist are Be My Baby, and Leader of The Pack. While I do side eye some oppressive themes, I do remember that it was a different time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good beat and some quality scatting.


So there you go! Six playlists I’m loving on 8tracks at the moment! I’ll probably make another one of these, since I have so many likes on there!


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