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Choir Girl


As you saw in my Halloween OOTD post, I recently bought Opal Church Choir, and I really love it! It’s my first long sleeve One Piece dress, and also my first empire waist dress in lolita. The “sack dress” style has popped up a lot, like in Angelic Pretty’s Holy Lantern print. And while I think that style is interesting, I’d like to start off a bit slow. This dress is more similar to Dream Marine (one of my dream dresses that don’t fit my aesthetic)

I do like this empire waist style however. I think it’s far more doll-like than a cinched waist, and it’s also far more comfertable around the bust and waist area. (I can eat WHATEVER I WANT IN IT!!!) I also love the choir boy collar and puffed sleeves with the individual buttons. However the sleeves don’t leave room for much movement, so when you bend your elbow, the fabric wrinkles very easily. The colorway is also a classic gothic color scheme of black, gold, and bordeaux/dark red, so it’ll be very easy to find accessories to go with it. I also like how dressy it is, I have a lot of pieces that are more on the cutesy side of gothic lolita, and this falls more on the more dramatic and tragically goth side, while still keeping an air of cuteness with the cut of the dress.

As for downsides of the dress, I mentioned arm movement before. Since Alice and the Pirates dresses come in a “free size”, it does not fit as well as if it were to be made for my size exactly, but I knew that coming in. So I can’t really lift my arms up all the way to unzip the dress, but I’m not completely immobile in the dress.

I LOVE the details of this dress! The interlocking A and P design is such a nice subtle touch, along with “Alice and the Pirates” stitched into the borders to look like a stain glass window. The intricate pattern also includes a fleur de lis, multiple crosses, and roses on the border. The pattern is almost like a more “kawaii” version of an actual gothic church.

Overall, this dress is beautiful, and I can’t wait to create more looks around it besides my Halloween one.

More to come!



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