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Fashion Gal Barbie

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On sunday, I went to the Chinatown Arcade with my friend, and got an amazing breakfast at The Odeon. (I also got a cactus at whole foods and I’m so happy it’s adorable!)

I felt a little adolescent when we decided to go to the arcade, so I decided to wear my  California Dream Barbie crewneck. It’s so soft and cozy, sometimes I wear it with pajama shorts and kogal socks around the house if I’m too lazy to go out, but I also wanna look cute. If you didn’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with Barbie. I don’t know why, maybe it’s all the pink, or the being able to have every job thing, or the Moschino spring/summer 2k15 line, but I just think the plastic is fantastic!

I’m also wearing a simple cotton circle skirt from Charlotte Russe. I wear it higher on my waist so I can pull my sweater over it. It makes my frame look smaller.  I’ve also got some random boots from Target. Again, I’m wearing my Moschino bag, because it works with so many of my looks! I think everyone has an item of clothing like that. Like, you know you wear it too much, but it looks so good!

This outfit reminds me a bit of a Gyaru coordinate, with the knee socks, short skirt, and big crewneck. I won’t dictate it as Gyaru because I am not wearing any makeup in this picture, and Gyaru style is a rebellion against natural beauty. Maybe I’ll wear this look again and do some amazing gyaru makeup, and then I’ll be an official Fashion Gal! I’ve already got cool and amazing hair for it!


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