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Candy is Dandy


On saturday, I went for a walk in central park with one of my friends from back home, so I kind of felt the need to dress nicely for the occasion.  This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn this fall. I was really inspired by boy style fashion and old fashioned dandy style. I think my point of fashion was to look like a spoiled victorian boy…

I love how simple the pieces are for this outfit. I like to dress this look up with adding minimal accessories and tucking your shirt in. (seen here) Or, sometimes I’ll dress it down by untucking my shirt, keeping the tie in a simple knot instead of a bow, and leaving most of the buttons undone and swapping my Vans for boots. So everyone knows that I was edgy at my private high school. (Like, I had a uniform and everything, but that didn’t stop my EDGE)

My blouse and shorts are from Forever 21, you can’t tell in the picture but it is a sheer top so I’m wearing a white camisole underneath. I’m wearing some over the knee socks and garters from They’re cashmere and super warm, omf. The bag I’m wearing is my Moschino motorcycle jacket bag, and my locket is vintage.

I realized I love shorts and over the knee socks just as much as I love skirts with them!  (I also realized I low-key look like the main character from this book I read in middle school called The Clique…)  My friend Kevin said I look like I’m wearing a school uniform for fun, but I feel like this is the one time that I’m not trying to create my own uniform aesthetic!


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