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More is More!

I’ve definately been admiring Decora fashion recently. Like, it was the first street fashion I heard of, and it’s evolved into other fashions like Mahou kei (magical girl style) or the more popular Fairy Kei.

The style is identified with lots of accessories, colorful clothes, and practically zany concepts. I love it though, it’s so wild and interesting. It’s also been one of my favorite styles to admire on tumblr.

I think a lot of people dismiss decora in favor of other street fashions because it’s so loud and unorthodox, or that it doesn’t require much effort. But I disagree. The amount of time these kids use to put in their barrettes, and their techniques for keeping their stickers on, and their ways of coordinating outfits that are so chaotic but somehow work is something I couldn’t even imagine to be able to do.

Refinery 29 did a small video featuring the most popular decora girl, Haruka Kurebayashi, (her instagram is dope) and  Junnyan, a popular decora boy, and showed the community among the decora kids of harajuku. Junnyan said something slightly profound in the video. When people ask why they dress the way they do, he calmly said something along the lines of: “you wouldn’t ask a fish why it has scales, so why ask me why I wear these clothes?”

While decora is A LOT going on, it’s really adorable, and really fun, it’s not just a rebellion, it’s just really fun and makes people happy! And honestly, that’s reason enough for me to love it.


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