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Minimalism Vs. Maximalism

I’ve been noticing in fashion people are leaning towards more minimalist styling. Now, I’m not against minimalism, I can definately appreciate clean simple clothing and interesting cuts, but I feel like I’m a little bored with it. I just feel like it’s more of the same color palette, cuts, and styling used over and over again.

I love it when people add a little bit of a futuristic element to it, and make the fashion a little bit avant garde, but personally, I’m just exhausted with seeing such simple pieces. Again, I’m not saying that this kind of dressing is horrible and no one should ever do this!!!! This is just my personal opinion, and I definately respect minimalism, I’m just a little of tired of seeing it everywhere since it’s not really my thing.

I’m a big fan of outrageous and over exaggerated concepts, even if only two colors in an outfit were used, the cuts, styles, and accessories can really make an outfit stand out. (I think my love of japanese street fashion and “kawaii culture” also stems from this idea) I call my ultimate style/aesthetic Post-Modern Rococco because it’s slightly comedic and based on pop culture, but everything is very decorated, and cute for the sake of being cute!

Now, maybe I’m not the ultimate decora girl, wearing thousands of hair clips and stickers, and piling on jewelry, but I’d definately rather look at that kind of stuff for inspiration.

I think bloggers like Tavi Gevinson when she first started, or Susie Bubble have really great, and tasteful maximalist styles. Their outfits were/are full of bright colors, and bright prints, and go after your attention. I think it’s become a sort of misconception that being bright and exciting and having a lot going on is a bad thing, or that people who do that are “trying too hard”. We think of Amber from Clueless or the Carrie Bradshaw “wannabes” of the world. When actually, I think it’s just a great way of expressing yourself, if that’s your preference.

Photo credit: Tokyo Fashion, Oystermag, GBEMI Girl, and pintrest


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