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Chanel S/S 2K17

It’s official. Chanel has helped us enter into the futuristic fashion of our dreams. Chanel’s spring line was full of high tech accessories, and classic tweed suits with patterns that look like circuit boards. Even the runway set looked like a mainframe computer! The show was started off with two robots in black and white suits, furthering along the futuristic theme.

I’m usually very bored with Chanel reinventing their tweed suits over and over again, but this time, I wasn’t that mad. I loved the bright colors, metallic and holographic accents, and even the sideways caps didn’t bother me that much. I think it’s almost like a nod to early 90s’ Microsoft Windows aesthetics.

I love the delicate fabrics used. With an aesthetic that revolves around technology, usually, sleek, structured fabrics. It’s a breath of fresh air, honestly. It’s a great contrast, and with the bright abstract prints, it reminds me of an old screensaver. These are clothes for wifi goddesses. And who honestly doesn’t want to look like a majestic walking wifi goddess?

I think the show was clean, fresh, and extremely interesting. I feel like this show was a mix of futuristic concepts and 90s’ nostalgia at the same time. It’s a Back To The Future sort of aesthetic almost. Slightly dated, but not completely. What do you think?



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