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Dauphine of France🎂

I think one of my favorite print themes in lolita have to be the Marie Antoinette inspired ones. I’ve always had an obsession with the last queen of france, and lolita is my favorite fashion style. Three brands have recently come out with very different interpretations.

First, Baby The Stars Shine Bright released their print last February (or March…? I’m not sure)

I did buy this print, and it’s become one of my favorites! The print had iconic symbols of the french queen, including a portrait of her, a tower of cakes and macarons, a pink carriage, and the famous diamond necklace that sealed her fate. I really loved the design of the print because it was actually in the style of a classic rococo print. Lots of vertical lines, gilded frames and floral motifs. ae79ae0e88ba8e6b8f768de668400432.jpg

A while after that, Angelic Pretty released Antoinette Decoration, which had a much less obvious homage to Marie. (besides the name.tumblr_o2kv4eHJaN1qbuhibo6_1280.jpg

The dress was more or less a row of large cakes with extravagant decorations. The color scheme was a little more dusty than Baby’s and for some reason, all I could think of was Mrs. Havisham from Great Expectations. (which would be an amazing print btw) But I don’t think that’s what Angelic Pretty was going for. tumblr_o137i1qNKF1qbuhibo9_500.jpg

Finally, Jane Marple, a brand that’s more known for Otome Kei, created a print called Sweets In The Palace Square. This one came out a month ago I believe.7d66a83dfa0b84c34567f577acf9b52aa0f066e8_l.jpg

This is probably the most subtle of all of the prints. It does have a rococo theme, and has the theme of cakes and macarons, but it is more of a classic print instead of sweet. Which is on brand for Jane Marple, but not really for Marie Antoinette. I still love this print though! It’d be great for a casual day out around the city.

All these prints are beautiful in different ways, and I love all of them. I think a modern Dauphine would find them adorable as well!



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