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Dior S/S 2017

Maria Grazia Chiuri was just appointed creative director of Dior, and the newest line was phenomenal!! I am completely obsessed. ¬†It was my favorite collection of Paris Fashion Week, by far. ¬†Grazia Chiuri took inspiration, not just from Christian Dior himself, but from past creative directors. I like that she did that, because it acknowledges that the other designers aren’t just replaceable, and that their collections are still loved and appreciated. As the first female creative director at Dior, there’s a lot of pressure to uphold the brand’s iconic feminine trends. The concept was all about modern femininity. The message of the show was that there isn’t just one kind of woman.

I think with brand that is seen as extremely feminine, like Dior, it was a great concept.

The first couple of looks were rather simple. I liked the addition of the fencing jacket in the first outfit. It’s got a slightly delicate feel, but it has an element of strength to it. I was also loving the second look, I have always been a fan of mixing tulle skirts and high boots. I also loved the matching tracksuit. I’m really into those now for some reason… I guess because it’s a relaxed look but it’s still slightly stylish because it’s a matching set.

The second set of looks was my favorite! I loved the corset tops, and long sheer skirts. I also loved the cut of the shorts that was used under the skirts. I think they frame the body better. I think the tee shirt and sheer skirt combination was really cute. It mixes a more casual and androgynous feel with an extremely delicate, and ¬†formal. Some people were really upset with this choice, but I disagree. It does challenge the idea of what is feminine, and how a modern woman interprets her own femininity. Which was the message of the entire show. The embroidery on some of the skirts were so intricate, they almost remind me of Valentino’s 2015 haute couture collection. (Which Maria Grazia was part of) Some of the tee shirts had sayings like “We Should All Be Feminists”, or “Dio(R)Evolution”. Perfect statements for the message of the show.

The last looks were so dreamy, I fell in love. I love the embroidered sweaters, they kind of remind me of a sweater that a child would wear. (but in a good way, like a very well dressed child) Embroidery patterns depicted stars, swords, hearts, bursting suns with smiling faces, amongst many other things. None of these dresses used Dior’s classic New Look silhouette of a cinched waist and flared out skirt. Instead, a more natural style was used. I think this was a very good idea. The simple silhouettes of the dresses were a really great backdrop for the intricate embroidery and beading that was put into each of the dresses.

I think this line was a great way to introduce Maria Grazia Chiuri as Dior’s new designer, I think it was fresh, different, and very dreamy. I can’t wait to see some couture gowns next!

Photos and information from Vogue


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