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October Hopefuls

October is finally here! I can almost feel the leaves crunching under my boots. Halloween is only a few days away and I just want to throw on a black wool cape and sunglasses while drinking pumpkin spice anything!

With my favorite month starting, there are new things that I’m falling for to go along with it. I call them hopefuls because I haven’t tried these things yet, so I hope they’re good. (also I’m Laurel Hope so it’s a cute little coincidence!) This is like a little wishlist of things I hope to try out soon!

I recently found out about Adagio Tea, a website where you can buy different kinds of teas and even ones inspired by different fandoms! I think I’m going to get a sample set from an American Horror Story Coven collection. Or maybe an Over The Garden Wall tin because nothing is more autumnal and creepy than that show. (a sequel might be happening and I NEED IT!!)  A sample tin is 5 dollars, and you get 5 dollars off for signing up for their mailing list!

My next hopeful is to finally cook something from Bee and Puppycat’s Easy Eats cookbook! The meals look so adorable and I’m very ready to eat cute things! When I finally stop lazing around and try one out, I’ll let you know!

I’m also loving the brand Fete, (also known as Fete Champetre) Their clothes are silky, and inspired by lingerie. I really love their Valley dress. It’s so adorable and it reminds me of something Sharon Tate would wear in Valley of the dolls. I’d love to wear it as a high waist skirt with  a white tee shirt. High socks or tights are also mandatory with this look.Screen_Shot_2015-11-13_at_1.51.44_PM_1024x1024.png

My final hopeful is to find a good vegan makeup company with bright colors. I’m not vegan in terms of diet, but I think that animals shouldn’t be used in makeup. Jeffree Starr, Kat Von D, and Limecrime all have extremely problematic CEOs, so I don’t feel comfertable supporting them.

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