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Small Vampire


This was my coordinate for the Gothic Romance meetup I went to. My point of style was Small Tragic Vampire! This is probably my most gothic look. I usually wear more cutesy things, and I’ve been leaning more towards sweet these days…

The skirt I’m wearing is from Alice and The Pirates and it’s called CHOcOlate Addiction With Your SweEt MEmories (the capital letters spell out Choose Me and I think that’s adorable!) I got the bordeaux color way and I’m so glad I did because it reminded me a little bit of what a vampire would wear. My headpiece is also from Alice and The Pirates, from the same collection. I think it makes my outfit look a little more victorian. I’m also wearing a painted bird skull rosary, (I know vampires can’t be around crucifixes but I thought the outfit was looking a little plain) I also used my favorite lacy socks from bodyline and my Youske USA shoes.

I used a bright red NARS lipstick and my NARsissist palette for my eyes. I really love NARS’ formulas, and their pigmentation is great, but I wish they had brighter colors.


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