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Gothic Romance

On Sunday, I went with the New York Lolitas to brunch at Lillie’s Victorian Bar and Restaurant for brunch, and then took a trip to the Macy’s Halloween Pop Up Shop! It was such a fun time, honestly! We were all dressed up in romantic Gothic Lolita coordinates,(outfit shots are coming soon!) and even the staff at the restaurant jokingly asked us to stay because we fit the decorum so well! Even as we left, people sitting at the bar turned to take our pictures.

Lillies had an extremely pretty victorian gothic aesthetic, so it was perfect for or theme!

For brunch, everything is eighteen dollars, including coffee or drinks, which is pretty cheap for a New York brunch. (for comparison, Laduree’s brunch is 39 dollars) I ordered eggs Benedict on Canadian bacon and an english muffin. The egg was delicious, so was the bacon, the english muffin was a little tough, and I could hardly tasted the hollandaise sauce. My meal surprisingly came with french fries. I was HYPE! (I honestly could eat them at every meal, it’s a problem) I’d give Lillies a 3/5 atmosphere was great, (which is mainly what you come for) as was the service, but the food could be better.


After brunch we all took the subway to 34th Street to the flagship Macy’s store to see their Halloween Pop Up Shop. We were NOT disappointed! It was so cool and amazingly decorated.

There was even a GIF booth where you could make a GIF and put it on your social media accounts.  The prices of the items for purchase were a bit on the expensive side, but they were still really fun to look at. I think my favorite thing were these cute little macaron spiders!IMG_4537.JPG.jpeg

I had so much fun at this meetup, you guys! It was the perfect thing to get me in the Halloween mood.


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